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About HOTTAP Bag

Protect your HOTTAP wherever you take it! This weatherproof bag is padded all-round for extreme protection, and the waterproof zipper just seals the deal.¶ÿThrow it in the back of the ute, 4WD or in the camper trailer with confidence knowing it well rest safely during your journey.¶ÿ

Packed and ready

Keeps your entire HOTTAP kit in the one place. Ok, two places; there's one compartment for the HOTTAP, another for the hoses, showerhead and gas regulator. Tidy.


Padded walls protect your HOTTAP from the realities of packing and unpacking as well as from the occasional take-offs and landings when your 4WD hits a pothole.

Waterproof zippers

Never mind the weather forecast; packed in this bag, you can leave your HOTTAP sitting on the ute tray - the durable PVC tarpaulin and waterproof zippers will have their say.