1/74 Perrin Dr, Underwood QLD 4119

Atwood Water Heater 22.7L Gas and 240V - Black Door

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About Atwood Water Heater 22.7L Gas and 240V - Black Door


  • Dual operation, gas or 240v can be used individually or simultaneously.
  • Super efficient heater tube design effectively heats more water using less gas
  • Greater recovery rate means more hot water, more often
  • Non-corrosive aluminium tank that doesnt require an anode
  • Lightweight nearly half the weight of other units in its class
  • Electronic ignition simple flick of a switch from inside the RV turns the unit on or off
  • 240v switch also easily accessible from inside the RV on the same switch plate
  • Adjustable combustion shutter allows for oxygen levels to be adjusted for optimal performance
  • Incalloy 240v heater element that wont burn out when operating in a dry tank
  • Easy to install and service, 98% of servicing done through the external door


  • Capacity: 22.7L
  • Gas consumption: 9.28 MJ/hour
  • Recovery: 68 L/H
  • Electric rating (240v) 1400 watts
  • Weight: 8.6Kg
  • Width: 406mm
  • Height 318mm
  • Depth: 457mm