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Carefree Eclipse 12V Awning Silver Shale Fade

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About Carefree Eclipse 12V Awning Silver Shale Fade

The Carefree Eclipse awning is yet another innovative design from these 40 year strong manufacturers. It is a 12V electric awning that extends (& retracts) at the touch of a button (usually mounted near the door of your RV).

You can choose to unwind it partially or to its 2.3m full extension. As the worm-gear motor unwinds the canopy, the arms glide up the vertical track (mounted to the outside wall of your RV).

The end result being a stable canopy with truss like support. To retract the Eclipse simply hold the button & the motor will roll it up tight again your RV and that's it, eliminating the need to fumble for roller locks!

Unmatched Performance
Eclipse has remarkable strength & support for an automatic awning, not to mention it's stylish good looks.

Self Levelling
No need to level the canopy before you roll it up & the genius part is that when you do unwind it again, it will unwind to its last setting.

Rain-dump Feature
When your Eclipse is on a flat pitch & rain is pooling on the canopy, the gas strut will momentarily retract & dump the water.

Adjustable Pitch
There are 6 settings on the awning arm giving you options to maximise shelter from the sun & rain.

***12 volt hardware arms not included, sold separately***