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Ctek Mxs15 12V

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About Ctek Mxs15 12V


Reliable power charger for the outback as well as the city.

MXS 15 is a reliable power charger for 12V. It works just as well in the outback as in the city whether the situation requires quickly and safely charging a battery or long-term maintenance charging. The charger is as effective in workshops as on caravan or boat outings.


Volt: 12V

ƒ?½Charging current: 15A max

ƒ?½Charger type: 8 step, fully automatic charging cycle

ƒ?½Battery capacity: 30ƒ??300Ah up to 500Ah for maintenance


RECOND: Recondition of deeply discharged batteries

ƒ?½Auto: Fully automatic for optimal charging

ƒ?½Fully Charged Battery / Maintenance Charging

ƒ?½12V: For all lead-acid batteries

ƒ?½Temperature sensor