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Our team here at VanGo Caravan Services have been helping people achieve the caravan of their dreams for the past twenty years. We do this through our professional repairs as well as our expert renovation and restoration services. We're proud that so many caravan owners across Queensland have trusted us to tailor their beloved camper to their specific wants and needs.

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When to Renovate Your Caravan

It's natural that people's wants and needs from their caravans change over time. For example, we've done a significant number of renovation projects for clients whose children had moved out and gotten caravans of their own. For one couple, we were able to remove the excess sleeping space and replace it with a larger ensuite, extra storage, and even a wine cooler.

A high-quality caravan renovation is almost always a far more affordable alternative than having to buy an entirely new one for just a few changes. An added benefit, of course, is that you get to keep the caravan that you have so many amazing memories in! The same is true for our restorations. Just because your caravan is old doesn't mean it can't be brought back to life with a little help from our team.

Does this sound like you? Pop into our Underwood showroom, give us a ring or contact us online and we'd be happy to have an obligation free chat about your caravan renovation project.

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Expert Caravan Modification Services

With over 100 years of combined experience in this industry, there's no renovation project that our team can't handle. We have experts in every aspect of caravan renovation, repair, and restoration, allowing us to offer an unbeatably diverse selection of services. This includes but isn't limited to:

  • Replacements: We do caravan replacements and installations for awnings, pop-top skirts, roof vents, windows, doors, skylights, flooring, and much more.
  • Undercarriage: We perform a number of undercarriage upgrades and maintenance, including axles replacement, suspension adjustments, and work on the brake systems.
  • Repairs: Our repair work covers minor scratches, major dents, cracks, and hail damage. We also perform both insurance and warranty repairs.
  • Plumbing: We do both plumbing and drainage work, including new water tank installations, testing, and repairs.
  • Electrical: We have several electrical experts on our team specialising in everything from fault finding and wiring replacement to fitting new electrical accessories.
  • Utility: We do a wide range of utility system installs and upgrades, including those for solar panels and batteries.
  • Painting: We perform both caravan painting and resprays that make your caravan look brand new.
  • Furniture: We do furniture and bedding installation, as well as repairs and modifications to your current furnishings.
  • Appliances: Our team can efficiently install or repair your hot water systems, fridges, stoves, air conditioners, and all other appliances.

Looking for more than just a few projects and repairs? Our experienced team is able to take on various major modification projects that completely change the interior and/or exterior of your caravan, pop-top, or RV. Simply reach out to us and tell us about what sort of changes you have in mind. We're confident that we have the skills and expertise to help you.

Second-Hand Caravan Renovations

For many people just starting out, buying a second-hand caravan is much more affordable than buying a new one. However, buying a second-hand caravan doesn't mean you have to give up the extra amenities that would make your adventures more enjoyable and comfortable.

The money you'll save from purchasing a second-hand caravan over a new one is significant. It's so significant, in fact, that you can use just a portion of that money to do some amazing renovations. We here at VanGo Caravan Services specialise in turning outdated second-hand caravans into comfortable, sleek, caravans that meet the wants and needs of our clients.

Tell Us About Your Dream Caravan

Unsure about what sort of renovations your caravan needs to suit you best? Please don't hesitate to call us and tell us about your dream caravan. We can help you determine which renovations will get you the best results within your budget. If you have any questions about our services or would like us to begin working on your caravan, please contact us by calling (07) 3209 5044 or by emailing us through our online form. We hope to hear from you soon!